Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pearl's New Home

     When this house was built back in the twenties, it had open porches surrounding the entire front, including the upstairs. Over the years, one owner must have decided to close them in, which made the perfect setting for my plans as my hobbies changed.

      What is now Pearl’s room was once my artistic rubber stamp room. For years, stamping was my passion and I owned a shop in the historic area of St. Augustine, called Stamp Augustine. As time changed, I decided to write romantic fiction novellas, which are available on Amazon and Kindle. This was my writing area.

     Now the room houses around three thousand boxed stamps and Pearl. My writing takes place now in a different upstairs.

     What you see through the open window to my bedroom is a white cage to house Pearl. Next to it, although not so visible, is a red play gym with a second swing, a ladder to climb, and several small play toys.

     For the first week, this satisfied Pearl and she would sit on the ladder and chirp at me. I would sit on the edge of the bed and talk to her, hoping she might learn a word or two. She has learned the "Up" command when I hold my finger against her chest. She has become quite good at doing that and seems to like it even more than just chirping at me.

     One evening there was a television movie I wanted to watch, so I left Pearl

on her swing and moved to the sitting area off my bedroom. All of a sudden I was aware of wings slightly flapping. There was Pearl, walking across the bedroom floor headed in my direction. I put her on my shoulder and "movie" night has become one of Pearl's favorite activities. As long as she can sit on my shoulder and nibble gently at my ear she's content.

     As I write this column, it has dawned on me that not everyone is as passionate about birds as I am. The last thing I want my blog to do is bore you. With that in mind, I have decided to make this blog into one where everyone can share his/her stories about their favorite pet.  Along with cats and dogs, do any of you have some type of pet that could be classified as

"weird"? An iguana for example? That would be fun for anyone to read.

     In fact, I once owned a twelve-inch iguana that eventually grew to ten or more feet. I had built a large cage on my balcony, but it was starting to outgrow that.  I managed to sell him to a man for three hundred dollars. I know I lost money because that iguana had eaten through tons of fresh vegetables and so many heads of cabbage I lost count.

      Then there was the time I purchased an untrained monkey who almost wrecked - ah, but that is another story.

     Are you seeing the real reason for opening up this column to new ideas? Because people need people in their lives. Too much texting is going on. Real honest communication has almost been obliterated from conversation. Even e-mail, as easy as it is to send, doesn't promise too much enlightenment. My own children send me a quickie - Hi, Mom, Love you! - then zip-zap they're gone.

     To me, a column that takes the time to write about your interests, would at least keep a conversation going. How about your friends? Invite them to join us. We are becoming a world unto ourselves. With all the hate and horror in the world today, wouldn't it be nice to hear happy thoughts about a special pet or activity?

      Let me know what you think.  You can send an e-mail or send a story and your pet's photo. See the tab at the top of this blog header for contact info.


And may God still be there, holding our magnificent country in the palm of His hands.

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ladykhalia said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you comment about us becoming a world unto ourselves. I feel isolated much of the time. I have difficulty having friends in my city. I have pen pals but they're in other countries. They will have to sustain me for now.