Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Avocado Plant

      It's only a plant, but to me it's a miracle. For more years than I can count, I tried to root an avocado pit with no luck. It would disintegrate after about two weeks. For a while, I gave up. Then recently I purchased a plump avocado to mix in with a salad I was making. That pit dared me to try again.

      Okay, one more try.

      To my amazement little roots started to appear. Then a green stem sprouted from the top. Small at first, it kept growing. I transplanted it to a large pot of dirt. Leaves began to sprout. I went on the internet to see how to care for an avocado plant. Water only when dry, give it plenty of sunshine, and protect it from the wind. I could do that.

     The plant continued to grow. I even named it Gabby and talked to it every day. Gabby is the only pet I can have now since, at 87, I'm too weak to have animals running underfoot. Still she delights my days and gives me inspiration.

     In life, perseverance is the goal that keeps me moving and looking forward to each day. Try growing an avocado pit. It's a difficult task and at first you might not succeed but keep trying. My motto has become “Never give up and you will succeed.”

     If you have success, be sure to let me know.

     May your days be as blessed as mine are.