Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Bird Named Pearl

See that happy face? I finally realized I needed more than a plant to keep me happy. (Besides, my neighbors were giving me odd looks when they caught me talking to a plant. I could almost feel they had decided I had gone daft in my old age.) 

I went to several pet shops beforehand looking for a baby Cockatiel. I have named the baby in the photo above “Pearl” after the first Cockatiel I ever owned. 

While she is too young to bring home yet, in a few weeks she will be home with me. I think she senses I already love her because she kept crawling out of the box onto my hand. I looked long and hard for a baby bird – they are much easier to train than an adult. 

Hopefully, I’ll spend more time blogging my experience with “Pearl” as she grows. 

I can’t explain how happy I am. My health is improving and that’s a blessing. Each day I thank God. He allows me to continue enjoying the life He has given me. 

My mantra is “Live each day to its fullest.” That’s not to say every day is great. At 87 aches and pains have a way of creeping in. Still, you are never too old to feel love and joy in everyday experiences. 

Today is the youngest I’ll ever be. I’m going to make the most of it.