Thursday, July 10, 2014

Annual "Christmas In July" Arts, Crafts, and Writing Festival at River House


Setting up my table with all my novellas for sale.
Happy to be part of this event at River House second year in a row.
It wasn't the best day for sales. With 50 vendors, maybe 25 buyers, plus a very bad thunderstorm, what could you expect? 
Still, after a year of sitting at home trying to find solace nursing a broken foot, I was back in my element again. I had a blast chatting with old friends, handing out business cards, meeting new folks. If someone was there who didn’t have a business card, I even extolled the virtue of Vistaprint. If you hand out a business card maybe you’ll gain a future customer. It’s worth the small price to keep your name in your customer’s mind.  
Without my daughter Pam King, I don’t know how I would have handled everything. Not only is she the graphic designer who produces my beautiful book covers and book interiors, today she had to unload them all for the show. She was by my side the whole time, which was a blessing. 
I also want to mention Renate, the receptionist at River House. She has purchased every book I have written. Not only is she a fan, but a close friend.
Renate Hamza
Two of my buddies from the writer’s group I attend were there. Howard and Doris (my neighbor up the street) and I had a great time talking about everything and anything we could think of. Let’s face it – if there were so few buyers, we had to pass the time some way.
Howard Johnson
Doris Oxford
Still, to me this was a successful day. I felt alive. Something I hadn’t felt for a long time.