Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Farewell To Audrey

It is with a sad heart the family of Audrey Frank is posting her obituary here to let her readers know she passed away on August 25, 2016, after a brief stay in hospice. She had a wonderful life and accomplished all she set out to do. She will be missed by all who knew her and loved forever by her children and grandchildren.  As mother would love, a final plug for her books. They will remain for sale on Amazon. Her obituary from The St. Augustine Record is below including a link to the actual online site and her guestbook.  Thank you all for being part of her life by following her blog.

Link to the online site:

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Memories of Cuba

I've been watching with interest our president's visit to Cuba. I don't really have an opinion one way of the other. It simply brought back memories of a gentler time.

Seventy years ago, as a graduation present, my father took us all to Cuba. I had a ball. Just fresh from Spanish classes. I was able to understand most of what the Cubans said. I had been taught Castillian Spanish and had some trouble with the Cuban "slang". But it was so much fun.

To top it off, my father invited my boyfriend Winks to come along. I guess at that age I wasn't aware of the poverty and domination of the Cuban people. All I knew was that Havana was a beautiful city. We spent three days in Cuba, taking side trips into the countryside. It is a beautiful country.

Unfortunately, that was the first and last time I spoke Spanish. If you don't use it you lose it


Friday, February 5, 2016

Goodbye Floral City

Actually, it's been fun being here surrounded by nature in all its glory. Things I've learned?

First. Have patience. Boy, do you need it when the twenty-fifth squirrel hops up on the window ledge and sticks its tongue out at you. Fifty Cardinals are a beautiful sight, but I would rather see fifty tourists groping for a seat on the downtown bus. In all seriousness, the care my daughter Pam has given me has been priceless. Her patience with a grumpy old mom deserves a medal. In many ways, the stay here has been fun. I got to know my daughter Pam more intimately than before. She's quite the woman. Not only a great book cover designer, but a caring and compassionate person.  

I will be here through the weekend. Couldn't find anyone who would give up Super Bowl Sunday to take me home. Love doesn't include missing the biggest football game of the season. So I'll party with her friends, overstuff myself with food and drink, and probably root for the wrong team. Then Monday morning back to St. Augustine and a slew of doctor visits to be sure I'm capable of living on my own again. I am.  

This will simply be another adjustment I will have to make. If I've learned nothing else since this illness began, it has been you must be able to ride with the punches and pray for the best. 

Thanks to all my friends who have kept in touch and boosted my moral when it began to sink. Not sure what I would have done without you.  
It's a little late, but for me a New Year has started. I intend to make the most of it that I can.



Sunday, January 31, 2016

Greetings From Floral City, Florida

 Being stranded has its rewards.
On my better days with Pam and kids visiting right after I got out of the hospital.
     Remember Me? Probably not. I'm still trying to forget what happened to me during the month of January.

     I came to see Pam in Floral City, Florida. What was supposed to be a short, happy visit turned into a nightmare of pain and hospital stays in Inverness, Florida for the whole month. I fell and fractured several bones in my back. I was in and out of the hospital all month, much to my consternation. I'm still recovering at Pam's and don't know when I'll finally get back to St. Augustine. But get back I will eventually, and start living a normal life again.

     In the meantime, I'm getting caught up on nature studies. Squirrels abound. Scooting up bird feeder poles that were meant to keep them at bay, these wily creatures flaunt their unique talent to go where no squirrel has gone before. Cardinals and doves, disturbed by their presence, squawk their discontent. Yes, the country is enchanting, but to this city-bred gal, give me St. Augustine with its Churches and tourists spots.

     With luck, I'll be back in St. Augustine for next month's column. How about helping me out with some new feedback about your pets and interests?

     Hopefully I'll be back with you in time for new facts and fun by February's column. 

     Love you all. Audrey