Monday, March 30, 2015

Love's Last Laugh - My New Novella Is Now On Amazon!

Available on Amazon. Kindle coming soon!

You can protest loud and clear, but in the end...three women learn you can't hide from love.

Regina Osborn had lost the love of her life to cancer. To get away from painful memories, she leaves New York and moves to St. Augustine, Florida with her son Lance. Finding love again was the last thing on her mind. Loving someone and losing them hurt too much. Donna Reilly, Regina's best friend, decides to move south with her. At a hefty 130 pounds, she wasn't looking for love, just fun in the sun. Little did she know what she would encounter in her journey. Trudy Walker had suffered statuary rape in her early teens. Now, at twenty-four, she vowed never to let a man hurt her again.

                                 * * * * * *                                               

I am excited to have my new release available on Amazon. A novella full of the type of characters I love to write about. A long holiday and winter season with more health issues slowed me down, but not for long. My cure for everything, new characters, new plots, and a great time writing something I enjoy sharing with you. The Kindle version will be coming soon!

Wishing you a happy spring and a touch of love!