Sunday, September 7, 2014

New Release "The Healing Heart" Book 3 In The Heart Trilogy

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It is always exciting and a bit sad to finish writing a book. I fall in love with my characters and they are like friends keeping me company at night while I work on the computer! Book 3 of The Heart Trilogy is now available on Amazon and Kindle. While I am saying goodbye to those characters - new plots and stories are at work in my head! Keep checking back to see what comes next!


From Amazon:

Tragedy, turmoil and triumph speed their way through the final installment of the Heart Trilogy. Audrey Frank has once again written a book that will keep you enthralled to the end. Love and loss, hurt and healing are the themes running through this romantic novella. With a no-holds-barred approach, she tackles subjects that are true to life. Love at any age, death, miscarriage, rape, and marriage all unfold. Her realistic characters and fast paced dialog capture the reader’s emotions until the end. Audrey Frank writes realistically about people that could be your neighbors. She gets you involved in the characters so you think of them as friends and you want to know what happens in their lives.