Thursday, July 9, 2015

An Angel Named Joe

    My day didn't start off well yesterday. I had to meet with my lawyer to sign papers and thought I knew how to find him. I suddenly couldn't remember where he was located. My mind was a complete blank. I was so sure his office was on Cordova Street (and it was at one time). I didn’t know he had moved to Riberia Street. I kept driving back and forth getting more confused and upset by the moment.

    At least I had my cell phone with me. I called his office and told them I had somehow gotten lost. The secretary asked where I was and said she would send someone to guide me there.  

     Expecting a staff member, to my amazement, the person who came out to find me was my attorney, Joe Boles, Jr, our ex-mayor, who is now an attorney for the elderly. 

     When our business was finished, I was still shaken up by the experience. Joe followed me to my car, got in his car, and told me to stay behind him on the drive. He would show me the easy way to get home. He even drew me a map so I would know how to go next time. 

     There are some really nice people in our world. Once again, an angel came to my rescue. This one named Joe. I am convinced there are angels all around us, just waiting for us to need them. They are ready to help. Don't be shy or you might miss meeting a special angel yourself. 

    May God bless us all and this wonderful country where the stars and stripes still fly proudly.
      See you soon again.