Monday, May 4, 2015

Where Did The Year Go?

As I approach my eighty-seventh birthday, I find myself asking, have I learned anything this past year?

Yes, I have – patience. Patience to endure pain and not feel sorry for myself. Humility and gratitude for the friends who have had the guts to stick by me even when I knew they didn't want to listen to another gripe. My best friend, Claire (my adopted sister), should get a medal for bravery in the face of turmoil.

I have also reached that point in my life when I realize: who matters, who never did.

I have stopped worrying about people from my past. There's a reason they aren't in my future.

I can never be the person I was, but I can make the effort to be the best I am at this point in my life.

Thanks to my daughters Barbara and Pam. They are the joy of my life.

Thank you, Lord, for carrying me through the worst of times.

If I'm lucky, I'll still be around to celebrate next year. And you will be here to join me!